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Project Outputs

The LoGo Water project generated a large amount of information, guidance and research on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) and local government. The most significant output of LoGo Water is the 'Local Government and Integrated Water Resources Management' set of materials which aim to assist local governments in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) with IWRM. Other LoGo Water output is also largely focussed on the project target region of Southern Africa although reports have also been produced which examine IWRM at the local level in Europe.

'Local Government and Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)' set of materials

The following set of materials have been specifically tailored for local governments in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region. The materials aim to assist local governments in getting to grips with Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM). Also of use for organisations and individuals supporting local governments, the materials range from theory to practice and are available in English, Portuguese and French.


Of specific interest for decision-makers:


Part 1: Reaping the Benefits - How Local Governments Gain from IWRM


Part 2: Understanding the Context - The Role of Local Government in IWRM


Of specific interest for practitioners:


Part 3: Engaging in IWRM - Practical Steps and Tools for Local Governments


For all those who would like to gain a quick overview:


Part 4: Making Water Work for Local Governments - Ten Top Tips for Integration in Water Management


Supporting documents:


Local Government in the Water Cycle Poster




O conjunto de Materiais 'O Governo Local e a Gestão Integrada de Recursos Hidricos (GIRH)'


Parte 1: Colhendo os Benefícios - Como os Governos Locais Beneficiam com a GIRH


Parte 2: Perceber o Contexto - O Papel do Governo Local na GIRH


Parte 3: Engajando-se na GIRH – Passos e Ferramentas Práticas para os Governos Locais


Parte 4: Fazer da Água um benefício em prol dos Governos Locais - As dez principais dicas para uma Abordagem Integrada da Gestão da Água


O Governo Local no Ciclo da Água Cartaz




L'ensemble de matériels 'Gouvernement local et Gestion intégrée des ressources en eau (GIRE)'


Partie 1: Récolter les bénéfices - Comment la GIRE profite aux gouvernements locaux


Partie 2: Comprendre le contexte - Le rôle du gouvernement local dans la GIRE


Partie 3: S’engager en faveur de la GIRE – Mesures et outils pratiques à l’usage des gouvernements locaux


Partie 4: L’eau mise au service des gouvernements locaux – Dix conseils prioritaires pour l’intégration de la gestion des ressources en eau


Le Gouvernement local dans le cycle de l'eau affiche




Project outputs


Local Governments and IWRM in the SADC Region (March 2008 - pdf)


Literature review: Local Governments and IWRM (March 2006 - pdf)


Local Governments and IWRM in Europe: A synthesis report (December 2007 - pdf)


Local governance in Integrated Water Resources Management in the Netherlands (July 2006 - pdf)


Local governance in Integrated Water Resources Management in the Danube basin (February 2007 - pdf)


Local Government Practices and Experiences in IWRM in the River Basin of the Ebro, Spain (May 2007 - pdf)


Local Governments and IWRM in the Rhine River Basin in Germany (March 2008 - pdf)


Briefing note on IWRM and Local Governments (March 2008 - pdf)


Building links between Local Governments and IWRM (March 2008 - pdf)


Integrated Water Resources Manangement at the local level: The role of local government - paper by Smits, Butterworth and Bustamante (February 2006 - pdf)


The role of local government in IWRM  - Potential and practice in Southern Africa - paper by Nyagwambo and Smits (December 2007 - pdf)


Relevant water terminology, English (June 2005 - pdf)


LoGo Water Events


Water for Local Needs Symposium Final Report, English (September 2007 - pdf)


Local Action for Integrated Water Resources Management Symposium Final Report (July 2006)


Project presentation

Project leaflet [English, PDF]


Project Newsletters


- #5 July 2008: English

- #4 October 2007: EnglishFrench and Portuguese version

- #3 November 2006: English, French and Portuguese version

- #2 June 2006: English version

- #1 December 2005: English version

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