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LoGo Water - Local Governments & Integrated Water Resources Management in Southern Africa (2005-2008)

This is the website of the LoGo Water project. The core aim of LoGo Water was to support the capacity of local governments to fulfil their role in the adoption of sound integrated water resources management solutions and thus contribute to the achievement of the water related Millennium Development Goals.


Ten institutions and organisations from Southern Africa and the European Union, specialising in different areas of water management and local government, implemented the project between January 2005 and March 2008.



Final project leaflet, 2008


Key output: Information and Guidance Documents for Local Governments

These materials are tailored specifically for local governments in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region. They are also useful for individuals and organisations specialising in building the capacity of local governments in water resources management.


All materials are available in English, Portuguese and French and can be downloaded from the Project Outputs page

Associated Local Governments

Eight cities and towns of the Limpopo river basin – geographical focus of the LoGo Water activities - were associated with the project and collaborated closely with the project partners. Their involvement ensured that the project adequately reflected the realities of local governments in Southern Africa, and that its results were useful and applicable to them.





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